Jane Zhang, Zhang Liang Ying (张靓颖), is a female Chinese singer-songwriter. Jane is known for her signature whistle register -dubbed the "Dolphin Princess". Jane debuted her singing career by winning the third place at the Chinese singing contest Super Girl in 2005. In 2006 she signed with the Huayi Music and debut studio album, The One (it sold more than one million albums in China).   

Interesting Facts:

    Birthplace: Chengdu, Sichuan, China
    Height: 162cm
    Weight: 49kg
    Star sign: Libra
    Chinese zodiac: Rat
    Blood type: O
    Family: Husband/businessman Feng Ke (冯轲)
    Dad died when she was fifteen years old, and her mother got laid off so Jane went working at the bar singing.

TV Series Theme Songs

    Greed For Love (贪恋), Return the World to You (2019)
    Relieving Worries (解忧), Love and Destiny (2019)
    No Thoughts (无念), The Great Craftsman (2019)
    I Love You These Three Words Can Be Reversed (我愛你三個字能倒過來), Behind The Scenes (2019)
    Chang'an Story (故长安), Ever Night (2018)
    Won't Miss (不念), Swords of Legends 2 (2018)
    My Dream (我的梦), My Story for You (2018)
    Red Rose (红蔷薇), Wild Rose (2017)
    Ling Long (玲珑), Lost Love in Times (2017)
    Song of Phoenix (思美人), Song of Phoenix (2017)
    Flowing Downwards (順流而下), Candle in the Tomb (2016)
    Be Happy (一定要幸福), Let's Fall in Love (2016)
    There's No What Ifs (只是沒有如果), Precious Youth (2016)
    They Said (他们说), Long Men Biao Ju 2(2015)
    Could you stay with me, Yang Jia (2015)
    Zhuan Yan Yi Sheng Zhuan Shen Yi Shi (转眼一生转身一世), In the Silence (2015)
    Defend You from the World (敢为天下先), The Empress of China (2015)
    Wordless Stone Tablet (无字碑), The Empress of China (2015)
    Beside You Forever (陪你走到底), Honey Bee Man (2014)
    You're Finally Here (终于等到你), We Get Married (2013)
    Too Late to Say I Love You (来不及说爱你), Yu Guan Yin (2011)
    Xin Bu Liao Qing (新不了情), C'est La Vie, Mon Cheri (2008)
    Unparalleled Love (天下无双), Return of the Condor Heroes (2006)


    McDull, the Alumni (2006)
    The Olympic Adventures of Fuwa (2007)

   Celebrate Tour (2009)
    Believe in Jane Tour (2010)
    Jane's Appearance Tour (2011–2012)
    Bang the World Tour (2015)
    Jane's Secret Tour (2018)


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