Jason Zhang, Zhang Jie, Jie Ge (张杰)  is a male Chinese pop singer and actor. Jason made his television debut in the reality singing competition and won "My Show in 2004." 


  • Birthplace: Sichuan, Chengdu, China
  • Spouse:  Xie Na (m.2011) 
  • Children: 3 daughters {twin daughters (b. 2018)}

-2005, Jason released his first album and won the Recommended annual media award for the signature song, Love Of The Plough. 


    The First Album (2005-03-18)
    Love Me Again (2006-09-20)
    Most Beautiful Sun (2007-12-24)
    The Day After Tomorrow (2008-08-27)
    Through Trilogy (2009-11-01)
    It's Love (2010-11-21)
    Stand Up (2011-11-03)
    One Chance (2012-09-29)
    The Love Songs We Once Encountered (2012-11-26)
    Just Love (2013-12-20)
    Ten (2015-04-15)
    Sound of My Heart (2016-08-12)
    Love, and Courage (2016-08-20)
    Future Live (2018-05-20)

TV Series Theme Songs

    Light of Heart (心光); Age of Legends (2018)
    Puzzle (謎); Martial Universe (2018)
    True or False (真假); Great Expectations (2018)
    Ru Ge (如歌); The Flame's Daughter (2018)
    Everything will say goodbye; Advance Bravely (2018)
    Stars (星辰); Fighter of the Destiny (2017)
    Three Lives Three Worlds (三生三世); Eternal Love (2017)
    Floating Pearl (浮誅); The Legend of Chusen (2016)
    I see the lights; The Lost Tomb (2015)
    Truth (真相); The Lost Tomb (2015)
    My Sunshine; My Sunshine (2015)
    The Most Beautiful Love Is Company (愛到最美是陪伴); X-change (2014)
    Wife (老婆); The Legendary Sniper (2014)
    Splendid Grandeur (浩瀚); The Romance of the Condor Heroes (2014)
    Listen (美人製造); Cosmetology High (2014)
    Sword Heart (剑心); Swords of Legends (2014)
    Peak of Glory (风华正茂); Feng Hua Zheng Mao (2011)
    My Youth is Flying (我的青春在飞腾); Wo De Qing Chun Zai Yan An (2011)
    This Lifetime (今生今世); Fall in Love (2011)
    Crying Hoarse (哭砂); Zai Guo Ba Yin (2011)
    The World (天下); The Myth (2010)
    After Tomorrow (明天过后); Beauty is Not Bad (2009)
    Yellow People (黄种人); Zhuang Shi Chu Zheng (2008)
    Beautiful Love (美丽爱情); Na Xiao Zi Zhen Shuai (2008)


    Begin With Star (2008)
    It's Love (2010-2013)
    Fight Back The Love (2014)
    Sound Of My Heart (2016-2017)
    Future Live (2018-)


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