• Name: Hans Zhang
  • Native name: 张翰
  • Also Known as: Hans Zhang Han;張翰;Hans Zhang;Zhang Han
  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Gender: Male
  • Born: October 6, 1984

Hans Zhang Han is a Chinese actor, singer and host. He graduated from Central Academy of Drama in 2007. Zhang is best known for his roles in Meteor Shower (2009) and Meteor Shower II (2010), Fall in Love (2011), The Queen of SOP (2012), Heroes in Sui and Tang Dynasties (2013), Boss & Me (2014), The Four (2015), Wolf Warriors 2 (2017) and Here to Heart (2018).

Zhang Han was born in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang. He entered the Central Academy of Drama and majored in acting in 2003. At the start of his life, his prudishness led him to doubt his potential to be an actor. Zhang lingered around Beijing Railway Station to make a short video. He shot his video as a romantic love story, which sprung from the story of a ragged man. As a result of the video, Zhang was rewarded and was determined to stick with acting.

In 2014 Zhang Established his own company / agency Zhang Han Studio.

Zhang previously dated actress Zheng Shuang. The two confirmed the break-up of the five year relationship in September 2014.

In early 2015, he dated actress Guli Nazha and the two broke up after 3 years in October 2017.


The Rhapsody of a Summer Dream 夏梦狂诗曲  (2020) 
If You Well Its Fine (2020) as Tang Mingxuan 
Farewell to Arms 烽烟尽处 (2020) as Zhang Songling
One Boat One World (2020) as Guan Dingkai
Saker Falco 猎隼 (2020) as Song Wenbo 
If Paris Downcast (2018) as Tong Zhuoyao
Here to Heart (Hunan TV, 2018)
The Legendary Tycoon (2017)
The Ten Deadly Sins (2016)
The Classic of Mountains and Seas (2016)
Gorgeous Workers (JSTV, Hunan TV, SZTV, 2014)
The Four 2013 (Hunan TV 2015)
Boss & Me (JSTV, 2014)
Bu Yi Yang De Mei Nan Zi (Hunan TV, 2014)
Successful Woman's Generation (Hunan TV, 2013)
The Queen of SOP (Hunan TV, 2012) as Tang Jun
Sui Tang Yan Yi (Hunan TV, 2012) as Luo Cheng
Tong Hua Er Fen Zhi Yi (Hunan TV, 2012)
Huang Tu Teng (Hunan TV, 2011) as Duan Fei Hong / Li Yue
Tai Ping Gong Zhu Mi Shi (Hunan TV, 2012) as Li Long Ji
Fall in Love (Hunan TV, 2011) as Qin Lang
Liu Xing Yu 2 (Hunan TV, 2010) as Murong Yun Hai
Liu Xing Yu (Hunan TV, 2009) as Murong Yun Hai
Da Feng Ge as Zhang Shi Zhi
Yang Jia as Tong Zi Xue


3 Body (2016)
I'll Never Lose You (2015)
The Rise of a Tomboy (2015)
Chang Chen Ghost Stories (2015)
An Inspector Calls (2015)
Thrilling Eve (夜幕驚魂) (2013) as Ah Han
Language of Love (2013)
Unpolitical Romance (2013)
No Limit (無極限之危情速遞) (2011) as Wu Ji Xian
Hearty Paws 2 (心心歷險記2) (2010) as Zhang Ming
Turbulent Times (狂暴) (2008) as Fan Yi Hao
Kung Fu Hip-Hop (精舞門) (2008) as MC Haha
Cheng Chang De Hen Ji (成長的痕跡) (2007) as Li Yun Feng


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