Movie Title: 77 Heartwarmings (2020)
Also known as: 感動我77次 / 77 Heartburns / Gan Dong Ta 77 Ci / Gan Dong Wo 77 Ci
Origin: Hong Kong
Release Date: 2020


“Moving her 77 times” is a film focusing on the lives and emotional dilemmas of young people in Hong Kong. This film is a sequel to “Forgive him 77 times”, which achieved good reputation and box office performance in 2017. It was directed by the original team director Qiu Litao and screenwriter Li Min, starring Cai Zhuoyan, Zhou Baihao, and Thai red star Mario. A Sa, who had just been nominated for the Golden Globe Award for “Non-Mature Women”, began her journey of searching for love again. In the film, she struggled with Zhou Baihao and Mario again. This time, she will enter a marriage. Will she get married? Is her true Happy Ending in love? The mother who played Ah Sa in the film Huiying Red will also have a resurgence of old relationships, and the emotional entanglement of multi-line development is really curious and interesting.


  • Charlene Choi
  • Pakho Chau
  • Michelle Wai
  • Mario Maurer
  • Kara Hui
  • Jeana Ho
  • Lawrence Cheng
  • Cheng Sze-Kwan
  • Alfred Cheung
  • Yumiko Cheng
  • Candy Lo
  • J.Arie
  • Bob Lam
  • Luk Wing-Kuen



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