Movie Title: A Moment of Happiness 新年泰疯狂
Origin: Hong Kong
Release Date: Jan 25, 2020


Zhen Zhen (played by MinChen) is so pretty that many are envious of her beauty, but since her family’s poor, she followed her father, Wu Liang Guang (played by Chan Feng), to get working right after graduating from high school. She meets and teams up with her girl friends Zitomira (played by Thian Siew Kim) and Jinshui (played by Danny One) to create a fictional character on the internet and rebuild herself into the image of a noble princess. Her beauty attracted many people and made her popular on the Internet, allowing her to score endorsement activities and earn good income. This popularity required her to constantly appear as someone who’s living a good life all the time on the Internet, in spite of what she goes through in reality, but in order to make money, she had to continue putting up the act online. One day, by accident, Zhen Zhen fell in love with Thai backpacker Nat (played by Tul Pakorn) at first sight. Zitomira discovered that Nat is nouveau riche, and orchestrated to sensationalize their relationship online, creating the high-profile romantic pair of a princess and a prince. (In order to maintain popularity of Zhen Zhen, she played various virtual roles while working, unlike people or ghost.) In spite of his vocal protests towards Zhen Zhen’s hypocrisy, for her happiness, Wu Liang Guang had to bite the bullet and try to act like rich people when Nat offered to dine with them. Wu Liang Guang worries about Zhen Zhen’s lies to Nat. He’s asking the question we all have: Is it alright for Zhen Zhen and Nat to continue their relationship like this?


  • Lin Min Chen as Zhen
  • Tul Pakorn Thanasrivantchai as Nat
  • Richard Ng 
  • Mimi Chu
  • Pak Narapat Sakunsong
  • Susan Yam Yam Shaw



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