• Drama Title: Almost Famous 星河璀璨的我們
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date: 2022
  • Episodes: 18


Chun Yu escaped from the 'ghost building' and recovered miraculously after a mental breakdown.  Ever since she received a text message from her phone that said "I know what the 19th floor of hell is?", she has been inexplicably caught in an extremely terrifying game of hell that she can't get out of.  After receiving the same mysterious text message, her friends and classmates suffered successive misfortunes and 'GAME OVER' in different game stages. So, Chun Yu decides to unravel the secret from hell herself.  When Gao Xuan, a young man broke into her life, and the two went to play the game of hell together to find the hidden answers about the game. 

However, the originator behind the game of hell is far more than that simple. Everyone has the original sin of greed, jealousy, selfishness, or anger in their hearts. Once they are tempted and the truth is revealed to the world, they will have bizarre behaviors that are beyond their control and beyond reason—falling into layers of hell.  It is a severe punishment for demons.
 What awaits on the 19th floor of hell?



  • Sun Qian as Chun Yu
  • Wei Zhe Ming as Gao Xuan
  • Bai Shu as Nan Xiao Qing
  • Xiao Kai Zhong as Yang Ba Wan
  • Rachel Wang as Xu Wen Ya




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