• Drama Title: A Girl Like Me 我就是这般女子 
  • Also Known As: Wo Jiu Shi Zhe Ban Nu Zi , I'm Just That Kind of Girl , I Am This Type of Woman , I'm Such A Girl , I Am Just This Type of Girl
  • Origin: China
  • Episodes: 36
  • Screenwriter: Rao Jun
  • Director: Chen Wei Xiang
  • Release Date: Jan 18, 2021


Ban Hua is a girl known for her straightforward and lively personality, so she was refused marriage three times. However, she is actually a kind and sensitive girl. One day, she unexpectedly found herself capable of telling the future through her dream. Ban Hua decided to use it to help his family avoid bad luck. At the same time, Rong Xia is a man of outstanding appearance and talent. He is looking for the secret of his family's extinction and the truth of his birth status. He met Ban Hua, and the two solved the mystery together, and fell in love in the process. 



  • Neo Hou as Rong Xia
  • Gabrielle Guan aka Guan Xiao Tong as Ban Hua


  • Li Chung Lin as Ban Heng
  • Xia Nan as Shi Fei Xian
  • Zhao Shun Ran as Shi Jin
  • An Yong Chang as Xie Wan Yu



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