Drama Title: Cinderella Chef  萌妻食神
Origin: China
Release Date: April 2018
Episodes: 56


Ye Jia Yao travels back in time to the ancient times, where she becomes the daughter of a magistrate with the name Ye Jin Xuan. When she wakes up she is suddenly kidnapped to Hei Fang Camp where she meets the leader of the bandits, Xia Chun Yu, the former young master of the Jing An Marquis manor. The two then get engaged in a fake marriage. Ye Jia Yao starts to win over hearts, including Xia Chun Yu's, with her superb cooking skills and modern street smarts.

Main Cast:

  • Zhong Dan Ni as Ye Jia Yao/ Ye Jin Xuan
  • Bie Thassapak Hsu as Xia Chun Yu

Supporting Cast:

  • Zhao Lusi as Liu Yi Yi
  • Zhang Yi Cong as Ding Qi



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