Drama Title: I Treat Life Like First Love 我待生活如初恋 
Origin: China
Episodes: 42
Release Date: 2020


Diao Shunzi leads a team behind the scenes that engages in stage production. He has a gentle and virtuous wife in Cai Sufen and a hoarde of 'worrisome' family members, thus making way for a story filled with laughter and tears. Diao Shunzi devotes himself to every aspect of stage work to ensure that the stage will always be perfect. They've worked with opera troupes, weddings and funerals to encounter people from all walks of life. No matter what others think, Shunzi is passionate about what he does and believes that his job is an art form. In his middle age, he is surrounded by many people. His fierce eldest daughter Juhua who is spoiled and stubborn, his non-blood-related second daughter Mei who is innocent and kind, his big brother Diao Dajun who has wandered about for half a lifetime and finally, the kind-hearted Cai Sufen who suddenly appears in his life. Even as their neighborhood is in danger of being demolished, what remains unchanged is Shunzi's principles and his responsibility towards his loved ones.



  • Zhang Jia Yi as Diao Shun Zi
  • Yan Ni as Cai Su Fen
  • Song Dan Dan as Dan Dan
  • Amanda Qin as Shou Qiang


  • You Yong as Diao Da Jun
  • Joker Sun as Tie Kou



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