• Drama Title: Meet Me in Your Sound 幻乐森林
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date: 2022
  • Episodes: 24


Everyone in the Great Dongsheng Continent has a good ear for music. Young master Yun Mu is known for his love of music but no one is aware of his terrifying secret. While was on the way to Yunyao to recruit musicians, Yun Mu hears Su Ruofei's music and unwittingly discovers that she is an extraordinary existence for him. As such, he tries to lure her to become his private musician. Little do they know that their fates have long been entangled due to a magical light.


  • Kiki Xu as Su Ruo Fei
  • Miles Wei as Yun Mu
  • Caesar Wu as Jin Shang Yu
  • Huang You Ming as Yun Shang
  • Zhang Yue as Su Ruo Shan
  • Lu Zhao Hua as Huang Ying


  • Xu Fang Zhou as Xiao Qi
  • Eddie Cheung as Dong Fang Ling Zhu



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