• Drama Title: Vacation of Love 2 假日暖洋洋2
  • Origin: China
  • Episodes: 40
  • Release Date: 2022


A new winter has begun. Cheng Shu is the frustrated sister of Heng Piao who runs a homestay but is facing some financial difficulties, and it may turn bankrupt. Her niece, Cheng Shu, is about to graduate and is going home for the Chinese New Year. As a way to vent her emotions, she skied alone and stumbled into the field of drone racing, where she met Ma Bo Yuan. The collision of minds created a special emotion as Ma Bo Yuan discovered the girl, Cheng Shu to have extraordinary talents. With its distinctive warmth, this humanitarian region of the north melts the ice in people's hearts and helps them find their life goals for those who come here.

Cheng Man, the sister of a strong woman in the venture capital industry, left Shanghai for Sanya where she plans to take her daughter to Sanya to celebrate the New Year. Kong Ling Qi, the founder of the company, also followed Cheng Man, to save corporate financing by changing her mind about the company. Eventually, the two finally put an end to their suspicions after some twists and turns.

Liao Ran, who had the dream of becoming a Michelin chef, was pulled up to fill in the gap in the big order for the Tianxiang party. But when the big order for the party was discovered to be Du Zheng, the latter's former star boyfriend, Liao Ran. There was an emotional twist between the three of them, Du Zheng, Liao Ran, and the proprietress.



  • Liu Tao as Cheng Man
  • Michael Chen 陈赫  as
  • Jenny Zhang as
  • Cheng Xiao as Cheng Miao


  • Yang Le 杨玏 as 
  • Zhou Lu La




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