• Drama Title: Yangtze Town's Springtime 新万家灯火
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date: Mar 17, 2018 - Apr 5, 2018
  • Episodes: 40


Luo Zige is a frontier special policeman with ten years of service. After retiring from the army, he passed by Jiangcheng and came to Qianheting Community to visit Fa Xiao. Unexpectedly, his special police skills were brilliantly displayed, and he stayed in Qianheting Community and became an instructor of the security team. . Feng Xiaoxia, a college student who just graduated, successfully applied for the deputy director of the neighborhood committee of Qianheting's subordinate community. As the largest community in Jiangcheng, Qianhe Pavilion is a multi-faceted place with a myriad of scenes. Every day, there are sunrise stories of young people starting a business, and humorous sunset stories of the elderly; personnel. Brother Luo "maintains stability" day and night, and Feng Xiaoxia "relieves difficulties" every day. Year after year, the Thousand Crane Pavilion played the nationally famous star community harmony song.


  • Li Tai as Luo Zi Ge
  • Cya Liu as Feng Xiao Xia
  • Du Hai Tao as Zhu Yi Ming
  • Ng Man Tat as Yan Biao Zhun
  • Li Jian Yi as Hu Han Yang




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