• Donghua Title: Cheng Huan Lu 长安幻街
  • Produced by: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Hangzhou Suoyi Culture Communication Co., Ltd. 
  • Network: Tencent
  • Air date: Dec 31, 2020 to May 6, 2021
  • Episodes: 40
  • Season: 
  • theme song:
    " Beacon Fire Chang'an "
    Lyricist: Qi Kai  
    Composer: Fu Wenchao
    Vocals: Wang Ruichen
    Mixing: Fu Wenhao
    Xiao, flute: Wang Yaxin
    Pipa: Liu Ji
    Mastering: Li Heng 


In Zhenguan’s first year, the sects led by Tianxuan, Daxing Fangshu, and aliens held two realms and opposed each other. A few years ago, in Luoling City, there was a road called Chang'an Huan Jie, which inadvertently connected the two worlds due to an abnormal earthquake, to prevent Chang'an and even Luoling City from becoming a battleground between the two worlds. Foreigners living here are doing business in two realms at the same time, while keeping a secret that connects the two realms here. Gu Shaoning, a teenager of the human race, came to Chang'an Magic Street by accident and became acquainted with the alien race people living on this street. At the same time, the young man's original ordinary destiny has also undergone a change that shook the earth due to the unraveling of the secret of Chang'an Fantasy Street. Once the wheel of fortune is opened, it can only encourage the young man to grow and progress, but because of this, he is engaged step by step into the vortex of battle between sects and alien races.


  • Gu Shaoning  voiced by  Qi Kai, Liu Zhenyan  
  • Bimanman  voiced by  Mo Ni  
  • Neon Clothes  voiced by  Lin Xuan
  • Zoro  voiced by  Mo Qian
  • Shao Yuan  voiced by  Stone
  • Boss Huai  voiced by  Chen Chen
  • Granny Tang  voiced by  Puff, Lan Lan
  • Bai Ze  voiced by  stubborn stone
  • money money  voiced by  lanlan
  • Thousand Souls  voiced by  Flying Clouds Gone, Mo Qian
  • Dong'er  voiced by  Ah Mo, Lan Lan
  • Songcheng  voiced by  the sea, Soge
  • Song Tao  voiced by  X
  • Song Yi  voiced by  space bar
  • Lu Tao  voiced by  Soge, Feiyun
  • Zhang Niang  voiced by  orange
  • Zhuang Banxian  voiced by  The Sea
  • Hua Zengchun  voiced by  the sea
  • Falling all over the sky  voiced by  Qi Kai
  • Jiang Yumian  voiced by  Mo Qian
  • Wind Whisper  voiced by  Lemon
  • Xu Qian  voiced by  Abian
  • King Luo Ling  voiced by  the sea
  • Cold Chen  voiced by  Sauger
  • Amo  voiced by  Nine Days
  • Cold knife  voiced by  MO
  • Cold Road  voiced by  Nine Days
  • Bone Moon  voiced by  MO
  • He Mumu  voiced by  Mo Ni
  • Gambling Stall Owner  voiced by  Mint
  • Same boss  voiced by  Wansan
  • Boss Sun  voiced by  Ling Xiao
  • Miss Mo  voiced by  One voiced by horned Sheep
  • Lady  voiced by  Lemon   
  • Jialuo stall owner  voiced by  Zhang Daxian 


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