• Donghua Title: Qin's Moon: The Great Wall 秦时明月 肆 万里长城 (Qin Shi Mingyue: Wanli Changcheng)
  • Produced by: Sparkly Key Animation Studio
  • Air date: Sep 30, 2012 to Jan 2, 2013
  • Episodes: 37
  • Season(s): 
  • Opening Theme: 
  • Ending Theme: 


The Great Wall under the Bright Moon in Qin Dynasty tells that since the collapse of the organ city, almost all the forces of the Mohists have been wiped out. The Qin Empire returned to the dream of a peaceful and prosperous age. Yingzheng in Xianyang Palace is using countless laborers to build the Great Wall while carrying out more sophisticated plans. Where is the giant ship "Mirage" going? For this reason, various factions and forces slowly gathered in Songhai, various strange events took place here, and the tranquility of the town was completely broken. All the enmity between life and death, family and country will be condensed at that moment. All eyes are on that place!



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