• Donghua Title: The Legend of Sword Domain 剑域风云 (Jian Yu Feng Yun)
  • Produced by: Youku, Ruo Hong Culture
  • Air date: Nov 28, 2021 to Apr 6, 2022
  • Episodes: 40
  • Season(s): 
  • Opening Theme: 
  • Ending Theme: 


In the ancient sword domain continent, there are ten Excalibur and five families. One of the five families, Lu Yang, a descendant of the Lu family, in a crisis to escape from the pursuit of the moment of awakening the sacred sword "Peach God sword", to avoid the pursuit. He kept a low profile, practiced hard, avenged his mother, explored the truth, in the various big clans between the forces of the struggle mediation, and finally dominate the world! Ten swords, ask the sword domain continent. "The Legend Of Sword Domain"



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