• Title: La Vida Lena
  • Other Names: Lena the Victor
  • Origin: Philippines
  • Air date: November 14, 2020


In the series, Erich plays Lena, or once known as Magda, who grows up to be a hardworking and kind-hearted girl despite being constantly bullied for an ugly scar that covers half of her face. Trying to make ends meet, she finally catches a big break with her own product called Magda Soap. With her small business quickly becoming a success in her town of Salvacion, she believes she will finally be able to provide a comfortable life for her family. However, since refusing to sell her business to the Narcisos, the richest family in Salvacion, tragic events continuously ruin her life as she experiences heartbreak, the death of a loved one, getting thrown into jail, and death threats. But in another twist of fate, the once caring and humble Magda receives plastic surgery and transforms into Lena, a stunning and beautiful lady who uses her newfound confidence to begin her devious plans of fighting back against those who wronged her and caused her suffering. The series also revolves around three men in Lena’s life who fall in love with her: Jordan (Carlo Aquino), a childhood friend who is in love with her, Adrian (JC de Vera), the son of Lena’s arch-enemy, and Miguel (Kit Thompson), a rich guy who deceives her and gets her pregnant.


  • Erich Gonzales (Erika Chryselle Gonzales Gancayco) as Magdalena Mendoza
  • JC de Vera (John Carlo de Vera) as Main Role
  • Carlo Aquino (Carlo Aquino) as Main Role
  • Kit Thompson (Keith San Esteban Thompson) as Miguel Villarica
  • Sofia Andres (Sofia Louise A. Andres) as Support Role
  • Raymond Bagatsing (Ramon San Diego Bagatsing III) as Support Role
  • Pen Medina (Crispin Medina, Sr.) as Support Role
  • Agot Isidro (Maria Margarita Amada Fteha Isidro) as Support Role
  • Christian Vasquez (Christian Oliver B. Vazquez) as Support Role
  • Ruby Ruiz (Ruby Ruiz) as Support Role



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