Movie Title: An Ant Strikes Back アリ地獄天国
Origin: Japan
Release Date: 2020


This documentary set during the post-war economic miracle in Japan, an era where employees are overworked to death, earning the name "Karoshi".

This film centers on the stories of the "Karoshi", including a young Japanese woman in 2015 who took her own life after being forced to work over 100 hours of overtime at the Dentsu advertising firm. It shows how "black companies" like Dentsu bullied and manipulated their employees into working ungodly amounts of overtime hours with little to no compensation, and often under risky and dangerous work conditions. Director Tokachi Tsuchiya, decided to make this documentary video after his own close friend killed himself from experiencing this same type of treatment at his workplace. The video follows the life of a young man who decides to fight back.



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