The story begins when the protagonist, Hashiguchi Umi, who is shy and unwilling to do anything, is shaken by her saya. The job dispatched by Hashiguchi, who was not good enough, was ordered by the CEO. Hashiguchi gradually grows up through his work with his unique and unassuming colleagues, including the president of Kisuma. It was Hashiguchi who eventually reversed his life and challenged a big project. The megaphone used in this work is Kana Matsumoto, an active college student who is also active as an actress. "Midsummer's dream", which was directed, screenplayed and edited in 2014, was selected as the best work award of the eiga world cup sponsored by NPO movie Koshien, and was officially exhibited in the forecast section of the 2015 Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival. A college student director expected in the future. The main character, Umi Hashiguchi, is played by Sachiyuki Hayama, who is known for such things as "Love is like after the rain" (2018/Toho) and "Murder of Shijinjinso" (2019/Toho). The heroine who plays Saya in the sea is played by Akane Hotta, a popular model exclusively for "CanCam". The charismatic girls in their 20s gathered in the Heisei era, such as Arisa Yagi, the exclusive model of "ViVi," who played a male photographer of a company dispatched by the sea. In addition, veteran CEO of the sea company Veteran Yuko Moriguchi was played by veteran Takashi Tsukamoto, who is also the veteran president of Kisuma, to create a fresh, happy, and endless romantic comedy.



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