• Drama Title: No Regrets in Life 爱情发生在三天后
  • AKA: No Regrets in Life 愛情發生在三天後
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Release Date: Jun 18, 2022 - Sep 3, 2022
  • Episodes: 12


Two college sweethearts' paths cross again after eight years. The ill-fated college couple accidentally becomes a viral sensation after a fight. Now, they must figure out how they feel – with the world watching.



  • Annie chen as Ning You Zhu
  • Liu Guan Ting as Wang Yan
  • Summer Meng as Zhang Dou Kou
  • Shi Ming Shuai as Zhang Kai Xin
  • JC Lin as Bi Jia Da
  • Aggie Hsieh as Liang Xin Zhen
  • Phoebe Yuan as Hong Da Fang
  • Katie Chen as Chu Yu Han



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