Real Name: Asada Kaori (浅田香織)
Stage Name: Bonnie Pink
Date of birth: 04/16/1973
Blood Type: A


- She writes and composes all her songs, and plays guitar and piano.
- Asada has said that the name Bonnie Pink is random and has no special meaning; she chose it because it was easy to remember and because she thought the words were cute together.
- Her smash single, "It's Gonna Rain", was the featured ending theme for the popular shounen anime, Rurouni Kenshin.
- On her fourth album, Let Go, she worked with Mitchell Froom, New York producer of Elvis Costello, Cibo Matto, and Suzanne Vega. He gave her co-production credit for the album because he was so impressed with her. Her fifth album, Just a Girl, came out in 2001. The next year she collaborated with other artists and released Re-Pink, a remix album. Present came out in 2003 and Even So in 2004. Golden Tears, which features the single "So Wonderful", came out in 2005.


BONNIE PINK promoting Present (2003)
BONNIE PINK promoting Even So (2004)
BONNIE PINK promoting Golden Tears (2005)
BONNIE PINK promoting "LOVE IS BUBBLE" (2006)
BONNIE PINK promoting "Anything For You" (2007)
BONNIE PINK promoting "Kane wo Narashite" (2008)
BONNIE PINK promoting "Joy / Happy Ending" (2009)
BONNIE PINK promoting "Is This Love?" (2010)
BONNIE PINK promoting Back Room -BONNIE PINK Remakes- (2011)


    [1995.09.21] Blue Jam
    [1997.05.16] Heaven's Kitchen
    [1998.04.17] evil and flowers
    [2000.04.05] Let Go
    [2001.10.24] Just a Girl
    [2003.02.19] Present
    [2004.05.12] Even So
    [2005.09.21] Golden Tears
    [2007.07.25] Thinking Out Loud
    [2009.05.13] ONE
    [2010.10.06] Dear Diary
    [2012.07.25] Chasing Hope

Best Albums

    [1999.12.17] Bonnie's Kitchen #1
    [2000.01.19] Bonnie's Kitchen #2
    [2005.03.05] BONNIE PINK Collection
    [2006.07.26] Every Single Day -Complete BONNIE PINK (1995-2006)-
    [2017.07.19] Platinum Best BONNIE PINK~BONNIE'S KITCHEN

Remix Albums

    [2002.02.27] re*PINK

Live Albums

    [2003.08.06] Pink in Red

Cover Albums

    [2005.06.22] REMINISCENCE
    [2011.09.21] Back Room -BONNIE PINK Remakes- (Self-Cover Album)


    [2008.11.26] CHAIN


    [1995.10.20] Orange (オレンジ)
    [1996.04.19] Surprise!
    [1996.09.20] Do You Crash?
    [1997.04.18] Heaven's Kitchen
    [1997.06.18] It's Gonna Rain!
    [1998.03.04] Forget Me Not
    [1998.05.20] Kingyo (金魚; Goldfish)
    [1998.10.21] Inu to Tsuki (犬と月; Dog and the Moon)
    [1999.10.06] Daisy
    [2000.03.01] You Are Blue, So Am I
    [2000.06.07] Kako to Genjitsu (過去と現実; The Past and Reality)
    [2000.07.12] Sleeping Child
    [2001.02.07] Take Me In
    [2001.05.09] Thinking Of You
    [2001.08.29] Nemurenai Yoru (眠れない夜; Sleepless Night)
    [2003.01.22] Tonight, the Night
    [2004.01.21] Private Laughter
    [2004.04.07] Last Kiss
    [2005.08.03] So Wonderful
    [2006.05.10] LOVE IS BUBBLE
    [2006.06.28] A Perfect Sky
    [2007.03.28] Anything For You
    [2007.06.06] Water Me
    [2008.08.06] Kane wo Narashite (鐘を鳴らして; Ring a Bell)
    [2009.04.08] Joy / Happy Ending
    [2010.09.22] Kite (カイト)
    [2012.02.29] Tsumetai Ame (冷たい雨; Cold Rain)
    [2012.07.04] Machi no Namae (街の名前)

Digital Singles

    [2008.04.16] Ring A Bell
    [2008.07.01] Kane wo Narashite (鐘を鳴らして)
    [2009.04.01] Fed Up feat. Craig David
    [2010.01.11] Morning Glory
    [2010.05.05] Is This Love?
    [2011.03.29] The Sun Will Rise Again
    [2015.09.22] Spin Big
    [2016.03.24] We Belong


    [1996.06.28] We've gotta find a way back to love
    [1997.04.18] Heaven's Kitchen
    [1997.10.03] Lie Lie Lie
    [1998.05.20] e.p.
    [1998.10.21] Inu to Tsuki
    [2000.04.05] Fish
    [2000.07.12] Sleeping Child Remix*1
    [2000.07.12] Sleeping Child Remix*2
    [2001.05.09] Thinking Of You
    [2005.09.21] Don't Get Me Wrong with The Miceteeth

Video Releases

    [2002.02.20] B.P.V. Vol. 1
    [2003.02.26] B.P.V. Vol. 2
    [2006.08.23] TOUR 2005 "Golden Tears"
    [2008.04.09] TOUR 2007 "Thinking Out Loud" Final at Nippon Budokan
    [2011.03.09] Flarella (フラレラ)

Other Video Releases

    [2006.12.20] ap bank fes'06
    [2007.10.31] m-flo Tour 2007 "Cosmicolor" @ Yokohama Arena
    [2009.02.25] Live & Documentary DVD "ap bank fes '08"
    [2012.02.29] ap bank fes '11 Fund for Japan

Compilations / Other

    [1994.09.21] Ladies in MOTION ("FREEDOM, CRAZY FLIGHT")
    [1995.11.17] LOVE LITE presents CLUB CHRISTMAS (#7 "We've Gotta Find a Way Back to Love")
    [1996.xx.xx] Poetized - E.P. ("The microphone song")
    [1996.07.19] COKE BERRY - Sugar Plum Fairy ("Sugary Man")
    [1996.11.01] World Famous - Summer (#3 "PLASTIC DUMMY")
    [1997.09.19] Lie Lie Lie (#1 "Lie Lie Lie", #3 "Silence", #7 "Melody", #10 "Lie Lie Lie (DJ Tonk Naked Pink Mix)", #12 "Tatoeba no Hanashi")
    [1998.03.18] In My Life (#8 "Blackbird")
    [1998.05.30] MOOMIN - Feel Alright! (#2 "WINDY LADY" feat. Itoh Naoki, BONNIE PINK, Inoue Tomio, Horiguchi Kei, Itoh Mikio, Misawa Mataro)
    [2000.11.22] Sano Motoharu - GRASS - The 20th Anniversary Edition's 2nd (#11 "Ishi to Tamago" feat. BONNIE PINK)
    [2002.01.23] DJ HASEBE - "Get Out! / Red Hot Shoes" feat. BONNIE PINK & Verbal
    [2002.02.27] atami - Under The Sun ("Under The Sun")
    [2002.04.10] What's Love? - Koi no Aji (#3 "Akai Sweet Pea" feat. BONNIE PINK)
    [2002.07.10] DJ HASEBE - TAIL OF OLD NICK (#4 "Red Hot Shoes. -OLD NICK ver.-", #11 "Get Out! -OLD NICK ver.-")
    [2003.06.18] One Nation Japanese Remixes & Produced by Incognito (#10 "Awa ni Natta (Summer crusin' mix)")
    [2003.06.25] CORNELIUS - CM2 (#7 "Fish")
    [2003.09.22] Beautiful Songs series Cool Beauty (#2 "Wildflower")
    [2004.05.12] Hedwig and the Angry Inch Tribute (#1 "ORIGIN OF LOVE")
    [2004.06.01] Kamachi Original Soundtrack ("Please Mr.Postman @boy's room, Please Mr.Postman @laidback")
    [2004.11.03] KREVA - Shinjin KREVA (#10 "You are the No.1 (Hey DJ)" feat. Bonnie PINK)
    [2004.11.26] meister - above the clouds ("above the clouds")
    [2005.05.21] HONESTY - AMERICAN ROCK ("Tokyo Girl")
    [2005.09.30] Happy Birthday, John (#1 "Revolution")
    [2006.02.22] Fantastic Plastic Machine - imaginations (#9 "a world without love" feat. BONNIE PINK)
    [2006.04.26] Words of Yukinojo (#8 "Kimi-tachi ki~ui papaia mangōda ne (chūgen-me iko)" (BONNIE PINK meets Mansfield))
    [2006.11.08] m-flo loves BONNIE PINK - "Love Song"
    [2007.07.25] Urufuruzu - "Ryohou For You / Nakete Kuru" ("Hanasaka Fever")
    [2007.09.26] m-flo - electriCOLOR -COMPLETE REMIX- ("Love Song -Danny Byrd Remix-")
    [2008.06.25] BAND FOR SANKA - Waratte Misete Kure ("Waratte Misete Kure")
    [2008.11.19] Craig David - All The Way feat. BONNIE PINK
    [2008.11.26] Craig David - Greatest Hits ("ALL THE WAY" feat. BONNIE PINK)
    [2009.03.18] m-flo - m-flo Inside -Works Best III- (CD2 #27 Love Song (Danny Byrd Remix))
    [2009.03.25] the popular music - (#5 "Ningyou")
    [2009.10.21] Curly Giraffe - Thank You For Being A Friend (#4 "Run Run Run" feat. BONNIE PINK, #10 "Spilt Milk" feat. BONNIE PINK)
    [2010.07.07] GAGLE - SOREIZEN -mixed by DJ Mu-R- (#5 "Got Me A Feeling" with DJ MITSU THE BEATS, Hirai Ken, #26 "Corona & Lime" feat. BONNIE PINK)
    [2011.07.27] Rurouni Kenshin Complete Collection (#7 "It's gonna rain!")
    [2012.03.07] Japan United with Music - "All You Need Is Love"
    [2012.09.19] Ohashi Trio - White (#8 Be there feat. BONNIE PINK)
    [2013.02.13] Q;indivi + BONNIE PINK - Twinkle of My Eyes
    [2013.08.07] SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS - CIRCLES (#10 Hey Tagger, I'm Here feat. BONNIE PINK)
    [2014.10.02] tofubeats - First Album (#16 Disc 1 Koromogae feat. BONNIE PINK, Disc 2 #11 Koromogae feat. BONNIE PINK(Instrumental))
    [2014.11.26] Rake feat. BONNIE PINK - YaMeTa!!!
    [2014.12.09] Utada Hikaru no Uta (#11 time will tell / Tofubeats with BONNIE PINK)
    [2016.01.20] tofubeats - POSITIVE Remixes (#7 Koromogae feat. BONNIE PINK -tofubeats Remix, #8 Koromogae feat. BONNIE PINK -John Gastro & tofubeats 1960s Remix)
    [2017.02.22] Ulfuls Tribute ~Best of Girl Friends~ (#11 "Boku no Jinsei no Ima wa Nanshoume Gurai Darou")


    [2006] Memories of Matsuko (as Ayano)


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